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The MSAMB has launched "Cold Storage subsidy scheme" from 1st of August 2004 in the State.
The scheme details are as follows:
i. Pattern of Assistance
  • Subsidy @ 25 % of the total project cost with maximum limit of Rs 2.5 lakhs per project.
  • The beneficiary will be eligible for getting subsidy from other financial institutions /agencies.
  • The beneficiary can get subsidy for more than one cold storage.
ii. Features of the Scheme
  • Subsidy is available for capacity up to 100 MT cold storage.
  • The per MT cost of the project is considered @ Rs 10000/- per MT.
  • The per MT subsidy rate is considered @ Rs 2500 /- per MT.
  • In-principle approval from MSAMB for the project is necessary.
  • The Detail Project Report (DPR) of the cold storage must be of the MSAMB
  • he plan and estimates of the project should be according to the norms finalized by the MSAMB
iii. Eligible Organizations
The eligible promoters under the scheme shall include Agriculture Produce Market Committees, Co-operative Societies engaged in Processing/Marketing of Fruits vegetables flowers, Co-operative sugar factories, Agri. Producers Co-operative societies.
(Scheme is applicable for Promoters from the Maharashtra State)
MSAMB with the help of NABARD and National Research Centre for Onion and Garlic, Rajguru nagar has developed revised plan for scientific onion storage (Kanda chawl) to promote onion producers for scientific onion storage. The onion storage as per this plan will minimize the storage losses and quality deterioration of the onion which will in turn help the farmers to fetch better prices for their produce. To encourage the farmers for setting up of scientific onion storage systems, MSAMB has formulated the subsidy scheme for scientific onion storage. On the same line, Department of Agriculture, Maharashtra State is also implementing the subsidy scheme for scientific onion storage. To get benefit of this scheme farmer should
erect onion storage structure according to proposed plan only. The construction cost of the onion storage structure is assumed at Rs. 6000/- per MT for this scheme. As per the scheme, subsidy to the extent of Rs.1500/- per MT storage capacity. The onion storage structure of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 & 50 MT capacity are eligible for subsidy.
Agriculture department is giving subsidy of Rs. 1000/- per MT for onion storage & after that MSAMB will give Rs. 500/- subsidy for above mentioned capacity of onion storage. The scientific drawing on modern lines and cost estimates for onion storage structures are available at free of cost with Head Office, Divisional Offices of MSAMB and Taluka Agriculture Officer, Assistant Registrar, Co-operative Societies.
Beneficiaries of Scheme
The main beneficiaries of this scheme implemented by MSAMB & Agriculture Department are individual farmers then the proposal of onion grower's co-operative societies are considered.